Meu Cazuá Capoeira Munich

Mestra Jana & Contramestre Queijo

Martial Arts – Movement – Music – Acrobatics

Meu Cazuá Capoeira

Since 2015 we are teaching and spreading Capoeira in Munich and Freising. Together spreading the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture. In 2021, we decided to follow our path and open our own Capoeira group, called Meu Cazuá Capoeira.

Why this name?

Cazuá is a word often used in Umbanda and means home, fortress, temple, place of reference and refuge. A place where we feel good.

And we believe that this is our main idea with Capoeira. That Capoeira can be a place where we feel good. And that it be a place where we learn, respect and recognize ourselves as individuals, understanding our potential and limits.

Mestra Jana

My name is Janaína Crivelli Ehrlein, and I started capoeira in 1999, at the age of 17, in São Paulo, at Mestre Suassuna’s Academy (Cordão de Ouro).

14 years later, in 2013, I graduated as a Teacher, in a special event in Bahia, which was the first female graduation ceremony. More recently, in 2017, I received the title of Contramestra, in São Paulo.

Since I moved to Germany in 2014, I have been teaching capoeira classes in Munich. Besides teaching, I travel to different places in the world on weekends and give capoeira workshops. It is an incredible exchange of experiences.

I have been to cities in Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, China, India, France, Denmark, Latvia, Russia and Iceland.

I also have my capoeira clothing brand Folha Seca, founded in 2011, in Brazil. And in 2020 in Germany. Where I have capoeira clothes like trousers and t-shirts, as well as illustrations and other things.

I am happy to have found capoeira in my life. In 2021 we, Contramestre Queijo and I, founded our capoeira school Meu Cazuá Capoeira and are very happy with our new path.


My name is Andreas, known in Capoeira as Queijo.

I started with Capoeira in January 2008 with Mestre Kino, who is still my Mestre today.

Already in 2009 I started to accompany Mestre Kino in Capoeira classes for children. In 2010 I started to teach under his supervision.

Between 2010 and 2011 I was lucky enough to train in parallel with Mestre Durinho, who is also a great reference for me.

In 2014 I moved to Germany to make Capoeira my profession.

Three years later, in August 2017, I received my graduation as Capoeira teacher from Mestre Suassuna as part of the graduation class “Geração de Ouro”.

To this day I teach Capoeira in Germany, in the cities of Munich and Freising.

I am happy to have found Capoeira. In October 2021 my master, Mestre Kino, organized an event in São Paulo, Brazil, where I received my graduation as Contramestre.

In 2021, we, Mestra Jana and I, founded our Capoeira school Meu Cazuá Capoeira.

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